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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Keys to the Universe, Again and Again

In case you don’t know what I mean by Keys to the Universe, either search my blog for former entries, or just deduce that I mean: no-fail items or activities, things that always always make me happy and do what they promise.

1) Alternative Leisure, the people who run Nat’s social group, where Nat learned about friendship. Not simply the ABA-Style scripted conversations, but he learned to really love hanging out with kids his age, talking or not.
2) Special Olympics, where Nat learned all about sports and being on a team.
3) Bike ride down Comm Ave in Newton: wide, sunny, garden-filled, no traffic in the Carriage Lane.
4) Uphills that feel like downhills, on your bike: Warren Street, Beacon St. right before Hammond Pond Parkway, a section of Comm Ave right after Walnut.
5) Summer fruit and yogurt, especially after being in Atkins hell.
6) No longer caring what I weigh and finding I don’t gain weight! MwaHahahahahahahahaha
7) When Mom helps me figure stuff out.
8) Happy Beastie
9) Smiley silly talk Natty
10) Max and Hannah: happy Max
11) Pink earbuds for my purple iPod shuffle
12) Sexy husband
13) Occupied children, see above
14) Movies all five of us like, such as Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. Unbelievably funny.
15) Organizing idea for my book
16) Knowing what a dinner at the White House feels like
17) Running into a great friend unexpectedly while having coffee with another great friend.
18) Catching a gorgeous scent while riding: something blooming, but where?
19) Gel seat on my bike
20) Pencil skirt from JCrew

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21. reading a wonderful, life affirming post by a woman whose been through enough lately to have earned the keys to the universe.

— added by jesswilson on Sunday, August 10, 2008 at 9:07 pm