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Monday, August 4, 2008

Time for Chapter 3

Well, it is time to get to the meat of my book. It is about halfway written, or maybe just a third, but I have 9 months and what I need now is to focus chapter-by-chapter. I need to interview people about various topics. I have already covered several topics.

The chapter I am working on currently is about philosophy of autism, in terms of the parent as a person, not in terms of how you parent. I am hoping to talk to autism parents on “both sides” of the issue of what is autism and what does that mean to you as a person. How autism has affected your life, your activities, your work, your self perception. I am going to highlight and illuminate people’s experiences from both sides, although I make no secret of the fact that I do not believe that a vaccine caused Nat’s autism. I intend to walk the line, not in the name of treatments but in terms of how parents live their lives.

I am interested in perception of a child’s disability and how they affect a parent’s own psyche (not how they affect the autistic person’s psyche. This particular book focuses on the parent, and quality of life, not on the autistic person). NOTE: a reader just pointed out to me that this would exclude parents with an ASD diagnosis. (thanks, Kenneth!) I do NOT wish to exclude anyone from commenting on this, or answering my query! It’s just that I am interested in the parent more than the child in this particular chapter, that is all I’m saying. My questions for you is: how do you view autism? Do you see it as a part of your child, a positive, a negative? Why? Can you give me a descriptive example of the impact autism has had on your life, you, as a parent and a person?

Screeds are not welcome. Honesty is.

I am also looking for professionals who have something to say about how “cure vs. acceptance” affects your dealings with autism parents. MDs, therapists, teachers.

Please email me privately; no need to comment to the post. You must be willing to let me use your words, your name, and your state or city, in the book, if you do help me.

Thanks in advance!

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