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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Birthday, En Somme

My birthday was great, start to finish. All my boys were home. We opened presents when I first got up. Nat did the unwrapping. Ben sent me on a treasure hunt with clues, that ended up with a picture he had drawn for me, wrapped up in red ribbon!

And Max bought me a hot pink foam Apple carrying case for Twilight Princess, so that Her Highness is protected from when she gets carried from place to place (she’s really only a laptop but don’t tell her!).

Shared a raisin bagel with Nat for breakfast. I ask you: what could be better to a Nat- and – carb – deprived Mommy?

Ned and I went to see Rachel Getting Married, a very intense movie about family relationships seen in the context of an upcoming wedding. Incredibly well done, especially the acting and the character development. Beautiful, if a bit too long in parts. I have not enjoyed a movie in the theater in this way for years. We went in the afternoon, even though the weather was glorious, to make it an even more decadent event.

The dinner out was also a dream: we went to The Hungry i, an old romantic quirky place in Beacon Hill. Feta and fig salad, French onion soup with Roquefort dumplings, moist and dense bread with soft butter, and I had ratatouille with polenta and ricotta. Ned had rabbit pie! We shared a piece of sweet walnut pie and a bottle of dry Riesling. Then, the piece de resistance: a pounder bag of M & M’s from CVS as we rode home on the T.

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Happy Birthday Susan! It sounds like a perfect one. And any day that ends with M&M;'s is a good day in my book! Here's to many, many more! Penny

— added by Penny on Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 12:39 pm

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