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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Seven of Cups

I don’t know what to write about, but I got that feeling so I know I’ll just start typing and there it will be. I start by setting out my life cards, fanned out in front of me, and I look at each of them, scanning for the sticking point. There are cards representing all areas: family, work, friends, tsuris. I used to read Tarot cards for fun. If this were a Tarot reading, probably the last card would be the Seven of Cups.

Let me lay them out one-by-one and see what I’ve got.

Ah, the Ben card: up last night at 5 totally congested. I showed him how you should blow your nose (really hard, one nostril at a time) to clear out, and he said, “But I’m afraid it will make my nose bleed,” and before I could respond, I looked down and saw my blood-filled tissue. Noseblower, heal thyself. Ben slept like a rock after the humidifier, sympathy, and Benadryl kicked in.
The Max card: another A in another subject. Peanut butter cookies he made with Hannah yesterday. We don’t yet know if she’s joining us for Thanksgiving. I drove him to school because of the rain, talked about what phone he is not going to get for Chanukah.
Nat: I did not talk to him last night, because I was in the middle of some excellent dancing. Ned did. Nat said to him, “You hit Terese and Mary.” Which was true. There had been two outbursts yesterday over spilled water. Too bad it wasn’t milk. (Will worry about the rearing of the ugly head of aggression later on today.)
Marital card: Musing on the quaintness of the word “Thanksgiving.” Why, it’s a gerund, for Pete’s sake! How many holidays are still named after the present tense of a verb? (Hopefully interest levels in marital card will improve a bit more by this evening.) Maybe it is thus so that we don’t take it for granted, and start calling it “Thanksgiven.”
Extended family: Laura is fine, whew, Thank God. You shouldn’t know from it. Sarai is trying to get used to this whole New Baby Thing, and hopefully she’ll make it to Mom’s Thanksgiving in lovely Connecticut. Dad says if Hannah comes, she has to pick up twigs (all children, grandchildren, boyfriends and girlfriends have always had to pickup twigs for Dad. Now that’s a Given.)
Physical card: Cholesterol test and flu shot happened today (so now get off my back MOM). Afterwards, I have never been so crabby or so eager for coffee. Last night, I ate tons of banana cake last night because I was in a baking and loving mood and we had rotten bananas and Ned asked so nicely so — three mixing bowls later, I was on the couch, filled with batter and regret. Somehow woke up not fat, but just give it time.
Work card: Baby Bellies later today, going over our new dance routine as many times as we can before they say they want snack or are bored or tired. I wrote the routine on the board only to realize that half of them can’t even read yet. What do I do, draw the moves?? That will be good for a laugh.

Still in love with my new job, today’s the last real class before the final. Today they are turning in their Research Essays, and I’m psyched. They took the assignment so seriously, it was just a joy to behold. Questions on how to use citations, the MLA style, etc., nearly drove me crazy, but, I love watching them work and think. I think I’ll have them write essays as their reward.
I may actually drive downtown because of the rain. There is no good way to get to work when the weather is this bad. Cabs cost $15 each way, and the T, well, … it’s a lot of walking in the wind and rain vortex of downtown Boston. So I’ll be driving, driving! in Beacon Hill!
Tsuris card: Why should I tell you?
The Tarot reading
is all done
For me it was
a lot of fun
It don’t mean much
just gives a glimpse
take it as such
or you will wince.
Okay, what else?
There’s always more,
and that is what
I’m Thankful for.

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OK, I’ll bite: TWIGS? Is this some CT tradition that has thus far eluded me during my 6 years here? — Cathy in CT

— added by Anonymous on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 4:34 pm