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Sunday, January 4, 2009


The Cartoon Network show “Chowder” was our inspiration this year for the gingerbread house. It is really called Shmingerbread, and you make it for Knishmas.

Tabblo: Shmingerbread

Ben’s favorite cartoon, “Chowder,” was all about making Shmingerbread for Knishmas. So we thought we’d try it, too. We never use a pre-fab house or a kit. We do it all from scratch and turn it into a three-day, all-family wintertime event.
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One of Jarrett’s favorite cartoons is Chowder also. We filmed a Joey the Pirate Monkey episode about Knish Kringle. He wanted a hat like Chowder’s for Christmas and I racked my brain and the fabric section at Wal-Mart for ideas. The best material I could find was purple fleece with Hannah Montana on it which just would not do. My brother’s girlfriend, The Best Kimmy Ever came over to do laundry wearing the most perfect purple hat. Being the Best Kimmy Ever has it obligations and she happily handed over the hat, cementing her status as Best Kimmy Ever. She had introduced Jarrett to a series of movies The Brave Little Toaster over the summer and bought hima toy toaster for his birthday which was just what he wanted and that was when we crowned her Best Kimmy Ever. Kimmy’s brother Thomas has Asperger’s and has recently become one of Jarrett’s friends because as Jarrett said after a recent visit “He’s really cool!! I like Thomas.” which is monumental for him.

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