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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Putting My Foot Down

“My doctor forbids me to push.”
–Sir Topham Hat

With all the stuff I’m trying to do in my daytime life — boy nurturing, loving my husband, teaching, and writing — I have been neglecting my raqs beledi. I think some of the bellylack has been due to my stupid plantar fasciitis (the Latin term for which is Heelus Hurtsus). The doc told me the other day — after giving me a huge painful shot of Don Cortizone right into the most hurted part of my foot — that I should not do anything that involves stomping down on my foot.

But also the bellylack has been due to some degree of listlessness and boredom. I have a great teacher but I still feel in a rut. I wanted her to teach me veil, zills, cane — all the props — but that is for the Intermediate class and she feels I’m still a Beginner. That frustrated me. I’ve been doing this nearly three years and I don’t feel like a Beginner.

So I have not been to class for these various reasons and my dancing has suffered. Tonight I put on my fuschia and silver cossie, the very first I had custom made, and decided to dance without stomping down my foot. All on toes, or standing in one place. Well first of all, I hated the way I looked. It felt harder than usual to stay lifted, so I think I looked kind of dropped. I had lost my progress on my hand circles, and my vertical hip circles looked stiff. Plus my damn foot hurt! Well, okay, my interior hip circles were wonderful, and so was my upper body work.

Now I really ache. My doctor was right!

Nevertheless, tomorrow afternoon I’m going back to class and try to have patience with the process — and with myself. And try not to stomp too much.


Have you tried a night boot? It takes a few days- when my Heelus Hurtsus was particularly bad and I didn’t stay off it, it took a week- but it really does help. Do lots of stretching before you get up, and before any activity (like dancing).

— added by Joeymom on Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 5:27 pm

LOL at the Sir Topham Hat quote. I think he needs MORE eyeliner..we are Thomas crazy around here..anyway..on to Beledi. After just one class I feel your pain. Well, not so much in my heel, but in my left arm. I can’t do a snake with it to save my life. Dollya is teething. If she isn’t sleeping, she wants to be held. Guess which arm I hold her with? So I’m practicing tonight and realize my arm has some small injury. I hope it heals by Tuesday. After just one class, though..I realize I am probably a popper and locker and freestyler. I’m only going to be going through the motions for my next three years. You must stick with it. Knowing what little I know, I think you need to take a vacation and go study with someone again to get yourself back into the passion of it. Maybe you should cheat on your teacher. You must have a big selection where you are. Hit your reset button somehow. My instructor let me stay for Intermediate class, which is very laid back. It’s community education, but only four blocks away! I looked like a tool, but it was fun to at least try. There’s got to be someone more flexible for you. I don’t think you look like a beginner. It is all relative, anyway. Good luck. -Tina

— added by Anonymous on Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 11:59 pm

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