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Saturday, November 14, 2009

11/15 is Nat’s 20th Birthday

I got Nat’s virus, so I’m miserable today. Ben seems to have it too. Ned is getting there. Max is so far unscathed and off at Hannah’s, where presumably they are illness-free. I’m in sweats and eating straight honey to soothe my throat. My coughing is explosive, just like Natty’s was.

So the thing is, tomorrow is Nat’s 20th birthday, and I usually make a very big deal of it. I wrack my brains for just the right thing to give him, some way to hold him here, to get his attention, to make him happy. But he’s probably happier not giving his attention, not being held here! So on his birthday, I have to take it easy.

Since I’m sick, that’s no problem. I’m just trying to hold my head on while I cough, so Ned is making the cake — chocolate and chocolate. Nat helped, and got to lick the bowl. To me it is so paltry a birthday celebration, but what do I know? I’m dumb with DayQuil.

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