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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be Loved

I must remind you that after all this is my blog and if you came here today for autism, you will be disappointed. Or maybe, take it as a reminder that regardless of your struggles, life is still here, to be grabbed up and embraced.

Be Loved

Everyone thinks
But no one knows
They only see that love is fresh
When skin still glows.

They tell their children
The t.v.s say
that all of that mellows
even goes away

Yet we keep the secret
Wrapped in blankets tight
It smoulders, not smothers
In darkest night

I think I know now
Why some things come when old
Why we’re warmed by their power
and rarely feel cold

For maybe the real love
and the explosive desire
bursts and pops only after years and years of
the lick and hot kiss of time’s fire

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