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Monday, January 11, 2010

Healthcare Should Be For All

I had an oped published in The Tab, regarding the Senate’s version of the healthcare bill, in which a substantial portion of funds will be recommended for curing autism. I believe in public healthcare, certainly. I also think that if the horribly challenging co-morbid problems that often occur with autism (aggressive behaviors, for one) could be cured, many would be better off. But, I don’t believe that there is enough public attention span, energy or money for there to be this particular emphasis, rather than for job supports, independent living services, autism education, or autism family support. It’s a very deep issue that affects everyone, and really, we as a society only stand to benefit from it. There are other countries out there with free health care already! Living and breathing proof that as a system if implemented correctly improves the quality of life of its citizens greatly, among many other direct and indirect benefits as well. You can find more information here, if you’d like to read up on the specifics. I find it so sad, whenever the topic comes up there’s always pushback.


I was thinking about it last night when in the midst of a discussion about why improving my youngest from LFA to HFA should be satifactory and about "just give them more supports". Of course the "autistic" who said so had no idea what kinds… or at what cost.

Truth is it's $$$$$.

Society cannot afford to pay the support of 1/100 people with autism alone. Add in everyone else with a disability??? Then to ass(u)me that companies that have to compete on the world stage can afford the losses – so the gov't has to put in money there – due to lower production from those with job supports…

Cold and unfeeling.. I admit it… which is why I keep putting $$$ aside for adulthood to help my youngest. The elder has a post-secondary education plan.

Even in the land of universal health care…. sooner or later you have to pay something and take responsibility for your own even in adulthood.

I'm also annoyed b/c now they want to put in a retirement plan… b/c people refuse to save… UGH!!!

— added by farmwifetwo on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 10:14 am

They have to find a cure for autism. There are TOO MANY young children with autism to support and service into adulthood. This is just the unfortunate reality. My kid is severely disabled so he will need those services and supports to be sure, but he won't get them from the feds. However, like farmwifetwo I can't count on it. You can't get water out of a rock. You can't pay for services and supports for 1 in 100. Have to find a cure or prevention of brain damage to stop the flow. You may not like the verbiage here but many of these children with "autism" are having severe medical issues that are damaging their brains. Not saying this is the case for everyone, but definitely this is the case for my son. (And no I'm not necessarily talking vaccines)

— added by Anonymous on Monday, January 25, 2010 at 7:14 pm

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