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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Key to the Universe

Every so often I get filled up with happiness and it’s gotta go somewhere.  I try to make it tangible, to articulate this joy because I love to think in words.  So I make these lists I call “Keys to the Universe,” of things that make me happy, whether mundane or poetic.  Things or activities or dynamics that are no-fail, from the superficial to the significant.

I think we should all create these lists every now and then, just as reminders that there are good and great things in our lives.

1) A hard bike ride that turns out to be easy.

2) Alleve muscle relaxant.

3) Paul Simon’s song Graceland.

4) Turning the corner on Clovelly Road.

5) A “yes” from the Washington Post.

6) The three sons I’ve created in my novel, DirtA Story of Gardening, Autism, and Other Messy Business.

7) Ned’s face.

8) My new bike shoes.

9) Boca burgers, the flame-grilled ones.

10) Hot shower

11) Great nap

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This is a really good exercise. i just put one on my blog.

— added by Alice on Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 3:01 pm