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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Needed: Nat’s One-on-One

We are now recruiting for Nat’s one-on-one.  Here is our ad:

One-on-one staff person sought for autistic young man in Brookline, MA.
His autism is fairly severe, but he is somewhat verbal and has a very
friendly, sunny way about him. He loves going out everywhere, to
events, movies, gatherings, dinner, bowling, and on hikes, runs, and
bike rides.  He is 22 and very independent in terms of self-care; he
is very fit and fun-loving. This staff person must be able to work on
social skills, travel training, appropriate behaviors, leisure skills
and communication. He or she would also need an understanding of the
young man’s moods and dislikes and routines to keep him happy,
productive and calm.  The majority of the time the young man is ready,
willing and able to work, play, and go.

Here are the hours we were thinking of:
2 hours Tuesdays and Thursdays to get the client to his day program, 7:30-8:30 (this is optional)
15 hours M-F ~4-7:00 which would involve the following with client:
– Household chores
– Dinner prep
– Exercise: pool,(after 5) bike, running
– Library visits:  Newton or Brookline
– Food shopping
– Laundry
– Dusting and vacuuming
– Leisure skills, such as gaming
– Practicing emailing and phone use
– Travel training on T and on foot
4 hours Saturday night 5-9
3 hours Saturday afternoon, 12 – 3 social and exercise
3 hours Sunday afternoon, 12 – 3 social and exercise
3 hours Sunday morning 9-12 social outing

Contact Sue Nathan,, 508-628-6408

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