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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Next time someone throws out the words “entitled” and “subsidized”  as a way to describe the very poor, disabled, elderly… those who benefit from government programs like Medicaid/Medicare, Welfare, Adult Foster Care, and so on, maybe point out to them that sometimes it is the very wealthy who benefit from government entitlements.




letters | romney’s unguarded take on country’s citizens

Tax cuts for the rich are ‘entitlements’ too

Regarding Mitt Romney’sremarks about entitlements and the poor (“Romney says dependent 47% back Obama,” Page A1, Sept. 18): As the mother of a 22-year-old man with complex autism, I can attest that my son lives frugally and carefully, and all income is accounted for — through state and federal social programs and his own earnings. I would venture to say that, actually, it is the wealthiest, such as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, rather than poor and disabled citizens such as my son, who benefit greatly from “entitlements,” such as being subsidized by large government tax cuts.

My son pays taxes, and his government check is adjusted downward the more wages he earns. Any fluctuation in his earnings, and the Social Security Administration calls us in to account for it accordingly. My son, seriously disabled, works hard for a living thanks to governmental support, but he certainly pays his fair share of taxes. Does Romney do the same?

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Well said. Thank you

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