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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Grateful Alive

I was thinking today of the things I got done, chores mostly, and feeling some relief that I am a useful human being. Bought groceries, paid some bills, filed medical for reimbursements, did laundry. Whew, I have justified my existence.

Well that is just a stupid waste of brain, to have to justify your existence.

So instead, I thought about what I’m grateful for in my life. No justification or explanation or rationale necessary:

Strong marriage




Healthy sons

Extended Family


My guitar pedal (Screamer)

Jerry Garcia

Robert Hunter

Bob Weir

John Perry Barlow

Bob Dylan


Writing ability

21st Century science and medicine

Nat’s group home/service provider TILL

Charles River Center

BILT, Inc.

Max’s happiness and independence

Ben’s happiness and independence

Nat’s happiness and recent independence from me– hurts so much but is great


Belly dance always and eternally

Certain friends scattered here and there

Survival shows

Good comedians

Favorite books

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