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A real swami

The Autism Mommy Swami is an advice column for autism moms. Send your questions, problems, concerns, or issues having to do with autism parenting to

As the Swami, I will try to help with my own extensive autism parenting experience, knowledge of the human spirit, and occasional humor. Your question, and my answer will be published on my blog, though I can’t promise to answer every question. I will change your name, and give you some kind of appropriate alias, so that your letter, when and if it becomes public, will still be anonymous. If you want me to answer privately, please let me know in the email.

You can read the Swami’s previous answers.

Please remember that I am not a doctor, a psychiatrist, a special educator, nor any sort of licensed therapist. I am an autism mom with experience and I’m here to offer friendly, hopefully helpful, but definitely non-professional advice. Always, always, go to your doctor, therapist, psychopharmacologist, team leader, lawyer, etc., for technical, professional, medical or legal advice. Come to me for the advice you’d ask a friend, another parent, a guru.

In other words, I’m not even a real Swami — although I do know Tarot — I just play one on the Internet. :-)

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All my best,

— The Autism Mommy Swami