I love speaking engagements, book talks, workshops, keynotes, and trainings. I talk to groups of any size and make-up. I’ve given talks to psychiatrists from Harvard, to parents of newly-diagnosed children, to educators, therapists, and the general public. I customize my presentations to my audience’s needs and interests. I speak about autism, families, transition to adulthood, post-22 life, special education, parenting, living well with adversity, and taking care of yourself while taking care of children. I love to give talks and I don’t mind travel, as long as I can be home the next day with my family.

I do have different fees depending on the group and venue, and all is negotiable — just ask, sometimes I waive the fee, too. I require travel expenses if it’s more than 1.5 hour’s drive from Boston.

I have listings of most of my events, and television and radio interviews, as well as a link to photos from when I attended the White House dinner in honor of Special Olympics.

My full resume is also available.