I have done many interviews and events about my books, and autism in general:

KYYS/KQRC radio, Kansas City KS. Interview with Allene Martin.

WBZ radio, Boston MA. Interview with Jordan Rich.

KXJZ radio, Sacramento CA. Interview with Jeffrey Callison on Insight: The Mysteries of Autism.

XM #169 radio. Interview with Blanche Williams.

WOR radio, New York NY. Interview with Joan Hamburg.

KPOO radio, San Francisco CA. Interview with Julie Matthews.

Tom Pope radio.

WFAN radio, New York NY. Interview with Bob Salter.

Frankie Boyer radio show, various national stations.

WICR radio, Indianapolis/Chicago, interview with Richard Brendan on JourneysFire Radio.

Lifestyle Talk Radio, on stations across the country. Interview with Frankie Boyer.

Oregon Public Radio.

Wisconsin Public Radio. Interview with Ben Merens, with listener call-in. Listen to the hour-long interview.

WGBB talk radio, Long Island NY. Interview with Debbie Mandel on the Turn On Your Inner Light radio show.

KSFR radio, Santa Fe NM, interview with Diego Mulligan.

Valder Beebe radio.

Minnesota Public Radio, interview with Kate Smith. Listen to the hour-long interview, with listener’s calls.

Strategies for Living. Interview with David McMillan.

XM #169 radio. Interview with Bernie McCain.

WGVU radio, Michigan, interview with Cecelia Skidmore.

The Idea Exchange, WBEV radio, Madison WI.

Weekend America, on radio stations nationwide. Interview with Barbara Bogaev. Listen to the 5-minute interview.

Family Matters, WFHN radio, Cleveland Ohio.

Golden Hours, KOPB radio, Portland OR, excerpts.

Voice of America, Interview with Doug Bernard on Talk to America.

Rochester radio with Terry Clifford, WBEE, WBZA, WSKL, WROC.

A Public Affair with Susie Marsh, B98.5 FM, Atlanta GA.

WCAI radio, Cape and Islands, MA, live call-in show.

Parents Journal Radio, interview with Bobbi Connor, syndicated nationally.

WBUR radio, Susan wrote and read a commentary about the Supreme Court decision ruling against special education families. Listen to the three-minute commentary.

WCAI Cape and Islands NPR, radio call-in show.

Parent’s Journal, syndicated radio.

Hawk on Health, radio program with host Heather Hawk, in the St Louis area.