Dirt cover

Here is what some others have had to say about Dirt:

Dirt is poignant and leaves an impression. Although the story as a whole is about how parents Emmy and Eric, and younger brothers Henry and Dan, cope with Nick’s autism, I came away feeling that the book has something for everyone—whether you have a child with autism, or enjoy gardening.”

Grace Gavilanes, Parents.com (Parents Magazine)

“Loved it top to bottom! Senator’s prose makes colors and emotions bloom like rare flowers on the page. A glimpse into the marriage garden, weeds and all, with a story that blossoms before you.”

Kim Stagliano, author of All I Can Handle: I’m No Mother Teresa

Dirt is an honest and moving novel about very real people. Anyone whose own family isn’t perfect (and that’s all of us) will relate to the Grahams’ struggles to hold on to each other when so much threatens to pull them apart. Sometimes you can’t solve all your kids’ problems—sometimes you just have to love them. Senator understands this and she makes us understand it too.”

Claire LaZebnik, author of Families and Other Nonreturnable Gifts

“Susan Senator’s novel, Dirt is as pleasurable as it is unforgettable. Through vivid characters and seamless prose, Dirt gets to the heart of family and the power of love to pull us through. Dirt is a book you will take with you long after you’ve devoured the last word.”

Emily Miles Terry, New York Times Bestselling Author, Nesting: It’s a Chick Thing

“Senator gets it all right. The characters breathe, they are all likable, believable people struggling to do the best they can under enormous pressures. It’s a realistic novel: things don’t magically get better, problems don’t disappear, but what does crystallize is the parents’ intention to see each family member as the unique individual he is, and to honor that individuality and the specific needs and issues rather than focusing on how those individuals revolve around Nick and his needs. One of the better books I’ve read that incorporates autism into its narrative and one I can wholeheartedly recommend.”

Kim Wombles, blogger, Autism Blogs Directory