Watch & Listen

These are audio and video of some of my past appearances:

Dec 28: Susan on MSNBCI was interviewed on MSNBC, discussing Nat’s initial diagnosis, finding information, how the family works now, and what other families can do to cope. Watch the four-minute Quicktime video.

Dec 2: Susan on NECNI was interviewed by Jim Braude on NECN’s NewsNight. Watch the dynamic and intelligent exchange, for Windows on the NewsNight video page, or Quicktime for Mac users.

Nov 17: I wrote and read a commentary on WBUR about the Supreme Court decision ruling against special education families. Listen to the three-minute commentary.

Nov 10: I talked in-depth with Jeanne Blake on About Health TV about dealing with autism, and how the whole family works in spite of it. Watch the half-hour video.

Oct 2: Susan and Dr. Margaret Bauman being interviewed by Lester Holt I appeared with Dr. Margaret Bauman on the Weekend Today show. The 6-minute segment included taped footage of my whole family at home, and a discussion about the book and treatments for autism. Watch the Quicktime video or Windows Media video.

Oct 1: I was one of two authors in a segment about autism books on Weekend America on NPR. Listen to the 5-minute interview.

Sep 21: I was interviewed by Kate Smith of Minnesota Public Radio. Listen to the hour-long interview, with listener’s calls.

Sep 13: I talked with Debbie Mandel on the Turn On Your Inner Light radio show. Listen to the interview.

Sep 12: I was interviewed by Ben Merens on Wisconsin Public Radio. Listen to the entire hour-long interview, with call-in questions.

Aug 29: Susan on FOX 25 news I was interviewed by Kim Carrigan on FOX 25 TV (a local Boston affliate). Watch either the Quicktime video or Windows Media video (4:58).